Casa Zimbabwe

An image of Casa Zimbabwe's roof top garden.

Casa Zimbabwe
31 Singles - 30 Doubles - 11 Triples - 124 Residents (105 in Summer)
2422 Ridge Rd
Berkeley, CA 94709
Wheelchair Accessible

Casa Zimbabwe has gone through many incarnations over the years since its construction in the 1960s as both the first building designed specifically to be a student co-op, and the first in the nation to be co-ed.

Currently, most members have lost count of the number of different lives CZ has led, but it is safe to say that the building, its inhabitants and culture are all undergoing a rebirth of sorts. The newly determined house membership has worked to transform CZ from what it was during a rowdy and somewhat infamous past into a comfortable and friendly place to live for all types of students.

Housing 124 students atop the “Holy Hill” of Berkeley, less than a block north of campus, the building resides in the subdued atmosphere of Northside, surounded by several beautiful churches and seminaries.

CZ has, wholly through the initiative and enthusiasm of its members, completely remodeled the downstairs common area into a multipurpose lounge, which boasts a piano, new pool table and several other enjoyments. Adjacent to this room is the CZ courtyard and garden, with a spectacular view overlooking campus southward. The garden is an excellent place to relax and enjoy the greenery and sunshine, or just relax while you watch the fish in the fish pond. These improvements are only the beginning of a true renaissance in Casa Z’s spirit and community. Come and be part of the experience.