Sherman Hall

An image of Sherman Hall.

Sherman Hall
8 Singles - 13 Doubles - 2 Triples - 40 Residents
2250 Prospect Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Wheelchair Accessible

Sherman is women identifying only during the Fall and Spring. Men and women in the summer.

Sherman Hall strives to be a welcoming home for all womxn, trans womxn, and non-binary people. To be eligible to live at Sherman, you must list your gender identification as ‘woman’ with the BSC (of the two given options, ‘woman’ or ‘man’).

Sherman’s location can’t be beat! Neighboring Memorial Stadium, Sherman is only two blocks away from campus, with easy access to the stadium’s gym and the fire trails (your calves will be the talk of the town with the uphill living of Sherman). The front of our lovely 3 story house is shaded by two beautiful, burgeoning trees; you’ll often find squirrels taking their daily paths along the branches. A super cute raccoon family is another frequent, friendly visitor to our front yard. We’re also close neighbors with our fellow Davisaurs and Castronauts.

Sherman Hall boasts the coziest, comfiest, colossal couches in the BSC, and monumental windows featuring leafy motifs that you can enjoy while lounging. We have not one, not two, not even three, but four refrigerators to house all of our food. When academics got you down, the calm and quiet study room is the place to be. Need some homework help? Just ask Sherman Hall’s resident ghost, math professor Irving Stringham, whose claim to fame is the ‘ln(x)’ notation for logarithms. Ask around for directions on locating, hearing, or chatting with The Sherman Ghost. Some claim to hear him from their bedroom and others have heard him in the Attic.

You’re sure to find a community at Sherman, whether it is at our family (house) dinners, frequent movie nights, or full moon bonfires in the front yard. Sherman Hall provides lots of popular hangouts to make life-long friends as well, including our cozy outdoor patio stocked with all your succulent needs, our DANK basement (which was dubbed the Den of Iniquity in the 1950s), or even on our roof overlooking campus, the Bay and San Francisco.

Hungry? Sherman Hall is always stocked with plenty of ice cream and snack foods (such as the ever popular ChocoTaco). Our house dinners are known for being a meat-lover’s dream, but we still have plenty of options for all the vegan, vegetarian, and lactose-intolerant Shermies.