Sherman Hall

An image of Sherman Hall.

Sherman Hall
8 Singles - 13 Doubles - 2 Triples - 40 Residents
2250 Prospect Street
Berkeley, CA 94704
Wheelchair Accessible

Sherman is women identifying only during the Fall and Spring. Men and women in the summer.

Sherman Hall is a gorgeous 9,000 square foot home on the Southside of Berkeley. Sherman Hall is ADA accessible and has two DSP singles. Our co-op is located just one block from UC Berkeley’s campus, three blocks from Caffe Strada, and five minutes from the beautiful fire trails. This prime location gives us perfect views of the sun setting over the bay every evening. We are known for our craft nights, large common spaces, extensive food selection with fantastic vegan and gluten free options, incredible free closet (All BSC free piles are closed during COVID), and our easy street parking! Our home has 40 members stretched out over three floors and a basement. With the layout of a traditional single family home, our house is the perfect home away from home.

As one of two units that does not house men, our house is made up of many women and non-binary folks. We are very LGBTQ friendly with many LGBTQ identified members each semester. Our community is tight knit, you can always rely on your fellow shermies to be there for you no matter what the situation is.