Davis House

A picture of Davis' front steps.

Davis House
8 Singles - 11 Doubles - 2 triples - 36 residents
2833 Bancroft Steps
Berkeley, CA 94704

Originally built in the late 19th century for the attorney of the storied Hearst Family, this resplendent manor was one of the first homes to grace Panoramic Hill. Just as close to campus as to a leisurely walk in the woods, Davis is a welcoming and comfortable retreat. Though we’re only thirty-six members large, our generous common areas lure us out of our rooms for late night snacks and conversations ranging from dark energy to post-modern readings of Lady Gaga music videos to the chemical composition of nutritional yeast. We’re a tight-knit community grateful to have the chance to live in such a beautiful space. With one couch for every three members, one is never in want for a place to plop down and chat, nap, play music, or simply lay in elegant repose. Us Davisaurs are a well-kept sort, at least on the surface. Underneath our glistening kitchen counters and freshly polished wood beats the heart of a cooperative as quirky as any other.

At Davis House, we’re not about indoctrinating you into house-worship (though we do have a paper machê dinosaur sculpture in honor of our collective alter ego). We’re about bringing out the best in our members. On any given afternoon you’re as likely to hear beautifully styled piano music wafting through the house, as dubstep bass lines rattling your bedroom floor. Come for a visit. See our beautiful foyer, three (!) marble fireplaces, delightful sun room, patio with vegetable garden and sweeping views of the San Francisco Bay. Taste our scrumptious dinners, and join us afterward for a cheesy acoustic sing-along. Don’t let our Julia Morgan facade fool you into thinking we’re as erudite as our house— the only upper-crust you’ll find here is on our delicious vegan pastries.