Hoyt Hall

An image of Hoyt Hall's entry way.

Hoyt Hall
31 Singles - 13 Doubles - 1 Triple - 60 Residents
2519 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709

Hoyt Hall is women identying only in the fall and spring, co-ed during the summer.

We called it “stooping it”; the phrase essentially encapsulated my summer experience. Oddly enough we did everything on the stoop. We gardened, made art, breakfast, lunch, dinner, watched the sun rise and set in the warm Berkeley summer air. This past summer at Hoyt was the best summer I ever had. There was an endless amount of laughter that bounced off every wall in the house. My room became only place to sleep; being downstairs with my housemates was way better than anything.

The walls slowly filled with color every day, Home Improvement was something that people wanted to do. Painting murals was a way that everyone could leave their mark from summer, because none of use wanted it to end. When I think about last summer at Hoyt I get a small ache at the bottom of my heart because I miss it so much.

Ninja-themed rooms. Annual Pumpkin Carving fests. Random Dance Parties (quaintly known here as “RDPs”). Baking at 2am. Semesterly Freepile fashion shows. Game nights that are actually fun. Romance Novel Read-Alouds. Restaurant- quality cooking every night during the school year. And yes, Hoyt Hall can also boast that it has routinely the best Freepile in the co-op system.      

For those of you still struggling with the words ‘free’ and ‘pile’ let’s get to the important reasons why Hoyt is for you: We are a clean house. We have fun without the need of the Frat-party environment (Tired of beer being spilled on your feet? So were we.)

We are also a bunch of intelligent people: musicians (songwriters), chemistry nerds (anime experts), English majors (fanfic writers), drama geeks (sci-fi fans), designers (Project Runway addicts), writers (those on financial aid and still surviving) and physics majors (owners of a TI-89 and proud of it).

Blond, brunette, bald, straight, queer, short, tall, conservative, liberal, moderately undefined politically, straight-A student, or someone-who-finds-the-grade-system- degrading, we’ve got it all!

Besides which, we have a killer amount of comfy couches, cable TV, a roof with a view to die for, and our very own House Store with all the amenities you might want in a pinch (snacks, that-time-of-the-month products--aka candy--blue books for finals and quarters for laundry). Come to Hoyt. Come and see for yourself the beautiful white walls (perfect canvases for the muralist in all of us) and the clean floors and get to know the house for yourself. Because beyond our clean and quietly-studious demeanor you’ll get to see how much fun we can be.