Hoyt Hall

An image of Hoyt Hall's entry way.

Hoyt Hall
31 Singles - 13 Doubles - 1 Triple - 60 Residents
2519 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709

Hoyt Hall is women-identifying only in the fall and spring, co-ed during the summer.

Looking for a place where you can find a community full of the most ambitious and amazing individuals you’ll ever meet? Well, Hoyt Hall is your best bet. With walls that fill with color each day, home improvement and social events help express everyone’s creative side. Painting murals helped house members count their wild adventures during their college journey while also allowing a safe and free space for them to leave their mark from their time at Hoyt.

Themed parties, annual pumpkin carving fests, lining up on the stairs at 6:50 every night for dinner, making pastries and treats at 2 AM, freepile fashion shows (Hoyt Hall is proud to be known for the best freepile space in the co-op system), People of Color (POC) circle, and video and board game nights are just some of the different activities that help our house feel connected and together. Creating unforgettable memories is a huge part of being a member of our Hoyt Hive.

When it is not quiet hours, an endless amount of laughter bounces off every wall in the house. Your room will soon become only a place to sleep because you will never want to stop talking to your wonderful housemates downstairs in the dining room. Getting to know them is only the beginning of something great: friendships that will last a lifetime.

We are a clean house. We welcome everyone, regardless of background. Hoyt consists of the most bright and talented people you will ever encounter: musicians, sci-fi fans, writers, pre-med, pre-law, artists, singers, drama geeks, dancers, and much more. Anything you can think of, we’ve got it all!

Besides which, we have a killer amount of comfy couches, cable TV, a roof with a view to die for, and our very own House Pantry filled with all the amenities you might want in a pinch (snacks, that-time-of-the-month products--aka candy--blue books for finals and quarters for laundry). Come visit our marvelous Hoyt Hive. Come and see for yourself the beautiful white walls (perfect canvases for the muralist in all of us) and get to know the house for yourself. I can guarantee that the moment you step foot in Hoyt, you will be greeted by many cheerful and friendly faces. Those faces will then become your best friends, helping to bring out the best version of yourself, both academically and personally. Beyond our clean and studious demeanor, you can sense the empowerment and creativity that fills the walls of the one and only Hoyt Hall.