Ridge House

An image showing the front steps of Ridge House.

Ridge House
11 Singles - 6 Doubles - 5 Triples - 38 Residents
2420 Ridge Road
Berkeley, CA 94709

Ridge House is the perfect fit for people who are looking for a friendly atmosphere. Ridgelings know there is a good balance between respect for the needs of a student and appreciation of a well-deserved break. Ridge is a mid-sized house; we aren’t so big that you’ll still be meeting new Ridgelings at breakfast every morning, but there is always someone to hangout with. We don’t have many huge parties, but we have frequent small house parties, a special dinner, and a music and story night.

Ridge House is unique because it is a converted Tudor-style mansion which means, for most Ridgelings, our house feels like a home. The building has hardwood floors, many fireplaces, exposed redwood beams, and even little hidden stairways. Ridge is proud to have the most common space per person of any co-op including a game room with ping-pong and foosball tables, a TV room, study room, living room, dining room, and backyard with a hot tub, vegetable garden, and barbeque area. The study room even has a hammock! Our recently remodeled kitchen is the heart of our happy home and has all the modern amenities that any cook could hope for. Each bedroom in the house is distinctive: some rooms have walk-in closets, and others have fireplaces. One room used to be the house library! We have quite a few triples, but don’t be alarmed, they are huge and many people choose a triple over a double.

Our Northside location provides convenient access to the Berkeley campus only one block away and it is even a shorter walk to a corner store and a good cup of coffee. Gothic churches and palm trees surround us, and on a clear day, a beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the bay can be seen from our roof or sun deck. Come by Ridge and have some dinner, get a tour, or join in some good, old-fashioned fun. We’d love to have you!